MAXX Ultra Powder is a relatively new product, and ever since it came out the team at TCS has had a difficult time keeping it in stock because the demand has been amazing.  This prespray is by far the strongest product in the store, but it’s usable for residential carpet cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning – even cleaning the hardest tile & grout in restaurants.  Even if you don’t prefer a powder, we recommend you try MAXX Ultra Powder beside any other prespray to see how well it works.  It’s also more concentrated than almost any other traffic lane cleaner we stock.  Less than one 2 oz scoop per gallon of hot water is all you need to make grease and grit (even pet stains) disappear!


MAXX Ultra Powder comes in 7.5 lb jars and 45 lb pails.  We also still have some 2 lb samples.  Request a free sample while supplies last.

Additional Information

Ultra Powder has a pleasant citrusy fragrance.  Because it contains oxygen boosters, we recommend only mixing the ready-to-use product you intend to use quickly.  Over time the effectiveness of the peroxide will diminish.

High pH – low cost powder, that smells great and gets almost any job done.  It’s a carpet cleaner’s dream come true.

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