MAXX Enz-Odor is a liquid bio-enzyme deodarant that provides instant and residual control of malodors caused by urine, fecal matter, mildew, mold, food, blood, vomit, coffee and many other types of organic waste.


After rinsing with hot water or low pH cleaner, MAXX Enz-Odor can be applied liberally on any organic waste.  Allow to soak in and remain wet and warm for as long as possible for best results.  Enz-Odor is a great choice for odor and staining from pet accidents and other similar soils on carpet and upholstery.

Additional Information

This product does not contain peroxide.  Instead, it has specific enzymes which are perfect for digesting the things in organic waste that produce bad odor.  Do not mix MAXX Enz-Odor with strong acids or oxidizers.

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