Changing the color of carpet is not like painting. MAXX Dye Magic is used to add color to whatever color is existing in each carpet fiber.  That means spots where there is color loss from bleach will require multiple colors to be added back to achieve a uniform look.  Dye Magic is our most popular dye for nylon carpets.


A small amount of MAXX Dye Magic can be added to warm water for spot dyeing.  Several tablespoons will be needed per gallon of water when changing the color of the carpet in an entire room or apartment.  Dark Brown and Mink are the most popular choices for quick color repairs and large area dyes.  Dye Magic is also available in Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Black, Gray, Godlen Brown, Beige and other variations.

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TCS offers classes and training for re-coloring carpet and rugs.  For more information on dyeing nylon or wool, please contact us.

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