MAXX Dee-Zov-All is an incredibly strong citrus solvent that can be used to remove many stubborn soils like paint, wax, makeup, grease, oil, tar, gum and adhesive residue.  A small amount of Dee-Zov-All is all it takes to break down crunchy, sticky and otherwise difficult spots in carpet and on hard surfaces.


If you could only keep one spotting chemical on your vehicle, MAXX Dee-Zov-All would be a great choice.  It has a pleasant fragrance, but it is strong enough to handle some of the hardest spots and stains.  Available in quarts and gallons, Dee-Zov-All is a customer favorite for an all-purpose spotter to keep close at hand while cleaning.

Additional Information

MAXX Dee-Zov-All is 100% biodegradable.  It is a powerful citrus solvent but it is also a safe answer to the toughest, degreasing, cleaning and stain problems.  Great for use on residential or commercial carpet as well as hard surfaces and even clothing or upholstery.  

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